Open Studio Report

First unpromising, the day turned out beautifully. I hustled on down to the studio a little after 10 a.m. and began working on tiles. It was laborious work and I seemed to be getting nowhere. If I had not been on autopilot, it would have been exasperating. Then, by chance, I picked up a homely little tool, a plastic soup spoon that just happened to be in my tool case. I used the tip of it for definition and the back to smooth the background of the tile I was working on. Soon, I was feeling greatly relieved. I was able to make progress more quickly with that white plastic spoon than with any other than tool I had in my kit! It worked splendidly. I was reminded of cats: they will often completely ignore real cat toys and play, instead, with a Hershey bar wrapper. Well, that’s what happened with me. Kemper tool? Pffft!  At some point, I broke for coffee and surveyed the scene. I was working on five tiles, at that point. Finished and placed them in the damp room for drying. After we returned from lunch, I completed nine other tiles. Nearly bone dry, they will be fully dry before the next kiln’s loaded. So, all in all, I was industrious, though things started slow. In the back of my mind, I’ve started making plans for glaze treatments on the escutcheon/door plate tiles. I will first experiment on each quarter of a sample tile. I have something particular in mind, but often we’re surprised and something unplanned looks better. Today, I get serious about some stamps I’ve been thinking about,too. I am studying WPA woodblock prints. The rustic look appeals to me and I wonder how a simplified version would translate in clay. I love the backgrounds, created when slivers of wood are strategically left to create visual interest: a thing of beauty. For the rest of the week, I will fully develop some designs and began carving, aiming for a congruent set. The Dover art book/CD-ROM series is inspiring me… Before anything else, I must follow up with WordPress…it was supposed to have completed the switchover during the last 24 hours. That is why I hadn’t posted this a little after midnight, as usual. I wasn’t supposed to within that window. However, the URL remains unchanged. Anyway, after I follow up, I will switch to designs. Oh, some good news! The china cabinet my husband got me for my birthday arrived. It is absolutely gorgeous. It was made to order by Amish woodworkers in Nebraska. Thank you to our neighbor, Robert, for helping Mark lug 300 lbs up 30 stairs and into our home… I have never received such a generous gift and am so touched… And talk about display potential! We finally have a place to store our china appropriately and to display things I have not seen for a good long while. On Canadian Thanksgiving, this weekend, you’ll find me snuggled up on our sofa, a fire burning, with me sipping tea and marvelling over family history, as shown in little bits of clay and glass in our new work of art.


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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