Open Studio Christmas Gathering

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with the people I work with in the studio each week. We always lunch together afterward, but Tuesday was our annual Christmas gathering. There is something wonderful about having a celebratory get-together with people you see throughout the course of the year. We were truly happy to be with each other and the event was very cheerful. I have always remembered a term I learned as an undergrad studying communication. It had to do with small group dynamics over time. Over time, as a group strengthens and matures, what is called a spiritual child is created. It is the essence of the group itself. Of course, this group is made up of individuals. We sit around an enormous table and make things or are in the throwing or glazing room. We are intent on whatever it is we’re working on at the moment, but we’re also talking and it is the kind of communication that is real. This group is also pretty funny and we laugh a lot, too. I feel very grateful to be in this group and around such great people. They are a treasure! To be under one roof with people who can be creative together without competition or agendas is very special. Our spiritual child is very healthy and loved.

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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4 Responses to Open Studio Christmas Gathering

  1. rjboothe says:

    I know what you mean. OC Clay Club studio days are like that, except that not everyone comes every time. So maybe the spiritual child grows more slowly or sporadically. But what a sweet image.

    • Jan says:

      Isn’t it? Yours will probably be like that, too, Rhondy, and it is sooo gratifying! I’ve never ever forgotten it and, in the back of my mind, I think…this child’s sick or this child’s healthy, when I’m in a group for awhile.

  2. Pauline Doyle says:

    This little article just delighted me Jan. Thank you for describing us as a ‘spiritual child’; this is a wise description for any kind of group where soulful work is done.
    Hey I’m blogging!

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